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Attendance Policy


Plymouth High School

Attendance Policy

Students at Plymouth High School are required to attend every day on time.  The attendance policy reads as follows:

·        Four (4) class absences are equal to a full-day absence

·        Two (2) class absences are equal to a half-day absence

·        Students are allowed 5 full-day absences in a 9 week period

·        All absences are owned by the student unless it is determined otherwise by the administration

·        Excused absences allowed the student to make up classroom assignments.  Unexcused do not. 

·        A student is considered “skipping” if they do not complete the school day and a parent has not made written or verbal arrangements. 

·        Students will have three (3) school days to present an excuse note for an absence, so they will be able to make up the missed class assignments.

Students who fail to meet the requirements of the attendance policy will be removed from classes, and a placement meeting scheduled with the student and their parents to discuss educational options.  Students must attend the placement meeting to continue their education at PHS.        

Attendance Policy Flyer:  ORS 339.065

339.065 Estimates of attendance; irregular attendance; excused absences. (1) In estimating regular attendance for purposes of the compulsory attendance provisions of ORS 339.005 to 339.030, 339.040 to 339.125, 339.137, 339.420 and 339.990, the principal or teacher shall consider all unexcused absences. Eight unexcused one-half day absences in any four-week period during which the school is in session shall be considered irregular attendance.

      (2) An absence may be excused by a principal or teacher if the absence is caused by the pupil’s sickness, by the sickness of some member of the pupil’s family or by an emergency. A principal or teacher may also excuse absences for other reasons where satisfactory arrangements are made in advance of the absence.

      (3) Any pupil may be excused from attendance by the district school board for a period not to exceed five days in a term of three months or not to exceed 10 days in any term of at least six months. Any such excuse shall be in writing directed to the principal of the school which the pupil attends. [1965 c.100 §281; 1973 c.728 §4; 1987 c.158 §57; 1993 c.45 §114]